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Operating Range

  • Minimum detectable face size : 36x36 pixels face in an image no larger than 1920 X 1080 pixels

  • Number of faces : Up to 200 faces

  • Computational Speed : on (i) CPU : 5 fps (ii) GPU : 18 fps


  • Platform agnostic solutions

  • Low false alarm rate

  • Fast and Accurate

We can label your custom data

Get your own data recorded or labelled

Input Image


Manually labelled JSON Response

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JSON Response

Detect Faces in one of our images

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Our Solutions

Web APIs

Web API, is an API or tool over the web which can be accessed using HTTP protocol.

We provide interface layers for various technologies like Java, .NET etc.

Mobile SDKs

Mobile software developments kits (mobile SDK) provide a set of software development tools helpful for application creators.

These are helpful for application creators to tap into the robust features of the SDK.

Skylark Labs' Console

Make an account and try one of our solutions

  • Enable different services such as face detection or body detection

  • Create multiple authentication keys for their organization.

visual console usage walkthrough

visual code usage walkthrough

Use Cases


Face-Based People Counting


Group Photo Tagging

Choose Your Plan

Custom Annotations

Starting at $0.150 Per Image


Starting from $ 0.0000 1000 licenses, per year, per platform

Top up account and pay for what you consume. Use all features with guaranteed performance

Mobile SDKs

Starting from $0 1000 licenses, per year, per platform

Prepay for license packs. Annual or monthly license available with online and offline activation